Adidas, Hazel Grove – Repair & Respray of Arcelor Flat Panels

Just as any business knows, rebranding and keeping your image current is crucial to commercial success. Adidas’ UK headquarters in Hazel Grove, Stockport is all too familiar with this. Having originally branding itself Adidas Group, after much deliberation, a decision was made to drop the Group from their company name.

Project Spec

Commencement date: August 2017

Completion date: August 2017

Labour: Two operatives for three days

Scope of Works

To assist in the rebranding of Adidas Group to Adidas.

Clear water run-off and staining on cladding panels

Prepare all screw holes for filling

Fill and apply primer to all screw holes

Apply specified colour-matched topcoat

Fix Adidas lettering back to building

Method & Special Requirements

Access to the screw holes and cladding panels made possible by a scissor lift supplied by us. Painting of cladding panels only carried out to appropriate areas that have been prepared and primed. Requested technique is paint spraying.

Both operatives required IPAF accreditation.

Renovated Signage for Adidas

We were delighted to be chosen by Adidas to help renovate their signage! We delightfully accepted the project when Adidas invited Buckingham Coatings to implement their sign rebranding job. Initially our remit was to fill and recoat screw holes that had been left in the structure from the removal of the word Group from their signage. These holes required filling, reshaping, priming and recoating. However, it was found that water run-off and staining had occurred to the Arcelor cladding panels. Therefore, following our advice, it was agreed that we would remove the remaining lettering of the word Adidas and repair and recoat the cladding panels and brackets before fixing the lettering back to the building.

Working at height to repair & recoat cladding panels

To obtain access to repair and recoat the panels we required a scissor lift. All of our operatives have International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) certification and training which enables us to carry out works like this more efficiently. This made it a straight-forward exercise for our operatives to do a bespoke repair quickly with the aid of a scissor lift, which proved vital equipment for gaining the access needed to the side of the building. The pictures below show how the cladding panels were transformed once the Adidas signage had been removed and the screw holes had been repaired.

A cost-effective alternative to replacing Arcelor flat panel cladding

We were able to create an invisible repair on an already beautiful building, and by spraying the Arcelor cladding panels rather than replacing them, we helped Adidas to make a considerable cost and time saving. All parties were happy with the results and we look forward to working with Adidas again future.

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