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Bosch is a worldwide company, that began in 1898 and has expanded massively into a variety of markets. The client contacted us asking us to repair and respray cladding panels, flashing drip sills and doors, after becoming heavily damaged. This meant that it required high level expertise to be able to ensure a high quality repair.

Project Spec

Commencement date: May 2019

Completion date: June 2019

Labour: Two operatives for seven days

Scope of Works

To complete repairs to cladding, doors and flashing drip sills

To respray and bespoke colour match building 

Method & Special Requirements

Flashing and panel was severely damaged 

Required specialist repair.

The repairs

The project began with us repairing all damaged areas, the main areas that held damage was the flashing drip sills and the door area. This meant they were completed first also with it being a working building completing these areas was first on our list as we wanted to limit disruption to the building and business as much as possible making the door accessible again. To repair these areas we filled in the damaged parts and then went on to respray these specific areas as it would mean it was one section completed so began to limit the levels of disruption.

Respraying selected areas

To respray the essential areas and requested parts of the building we decided to colour match the original colour to a RAL chosen colour which was RAL 7015, this was because we believed it was best suited and the closest match meaning people would not spot these resprayed areas or be able to tell where the previous damage had been. The result we wanted and gave was no imperfections were visible, this left the client very happy with the work and the building looking like there was never anything wrong. The severely damaged flashing and panel that required specialist repair was not even recognisable anymore.

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