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Buckingham Coatings are industry specialists in the provision of industrial wall cladding services which is of the highest quality yet affordable.

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The Lifetime of Coated Steel

To prevent confusion and disappointment about what we mean by the “lifetime of coated steel” we utilise this definition: The lifetime is the unit of time that it takes for the coating to reach the stage that a re-coating is required. Re-coatings are required for two core reasons:

1. To preserve the performance of the coating, protecting the underlying substrate from damage.

2.To enhance the overall aesthetics of the cladding, as tatty or compromised coatings can reflect badly on how a business is perceived.

Preserving Your Wall Cladding Rather Than Replacing It

All too often, people assume that a failed coating requires the complete replacement of the cladding. Thankfully, this is not the case. In most cases the cladding can be treated, contingent on the damage not being too extensive, preserving indefinitely its protective qualities. It is not uncommon for a single industrial unit to be comprised of numerous cladding panel types. Our operatives have the experience and the ability to identify any and all problem areas and to then implement a program of care and repair. The quality of our work can be demonstrated by the fact that all projects undertaken by our team include a guarantee.Our airless paint spraying system makes use of a 10 metres hose. This enables for even the highest of walls and ceilings to be easily coated. Furthermore, our hose enables for the largest buildings to be quickly and effectively coated.

Industrial Wall Cladding Repairs

How to spot a Coating Failure

Coating failure can be observed as soon as the coating’s colour begins to fade, craze, delaminate or, in the case of smooth finished coatings, to blister and spot corrode. There are a number of reasons which cause coating failure, these include:

The prolonged exposure of a coating to UV light, causing the paint to harden and get brittle. This limits the coating’s ability to expand and contact with the substrate, negatively affecting its adhesive qualities and resulting in delamination.

Moisture that lays on the coating’s surface can then penetrate causing discolouration. Over time this can result in a lifting of the coating, and corrosion in the cases of steel substrates.

Chalking: This is a naturally occurring process over time, where the paint fades away. However, this process can result in the loss of important, additional pigments such as those added to enhance colour or offer UV stability.

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We work with some of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the world including: Jaguar Land Rover, Unilever, Porsche, Starbucks, McDonalds, KFC, Adidas and a number of Premier League football clubs including Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Watford Football Club and West Ham United Football Club.

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