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Residential Sector – Coating, Resprays & Refurbishments

Buckingham Coatings has undertaken building refurbishment projects for several customers in the UK residential sector.

Our restoration and repair expertise covers all types of structure and metal building materials. Not only does this mean we can deliver solutions that are tailored to your exact requirements. It also means we can offer a complete refurbishment service to help you keep the exterior of your residential building looking as good as new.

Buckingham Coatings

Residential Building Refurbishments

As specialists in repairing and recoating different types of window frames, roofing, steel structures and architectural fixtures, (including balustrades, staircases and balconies,) our residential refurbishment service has everything you need to transform the look of your building. We have worked on a diverse range of residential refurbishment projects, from high quality apartments to luxury houses, making our accredited team perfectly equipped to clean, repair and protect your property to the highest professional standards.

Residential Sector

Benefits of Refurbishing Residential Buildings

Refurbishments of Residential Properties leave professional results whilst improve the aesthetic appearance and of the building, leaving it a welcoming and approachable environment for all. The Protective coatings and resprays will increase the lifespan of the premises, meaning less wear and tear over time.

At Buckingham Coatings, We Pride Ourselves On:

Residential Sector

Works Completed for Clients within the Residential Sector

Does your Residential Building need cladding reacoating, paint respray or general building refurbishment? Get in touch with Buckingham Coatings today to discuss your requirements.

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