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We have extensive experience in the performance of powder coatings. This service is performed to our trademark high standard and available in competitively priced packages. We are able to offer this service to clients both in the UK and throughout Europe.

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It involves the application of a dry coating onto a substrate in the form of a fine powder. This is then electro-statically charged to a metal surface. Once this has been completed, the sprayed item is then placed into an oven. The temperature of the oven then causes the powder coating to melt, enabling it to flow and cure to the substrate. Once complete an incredibly durable, aesthetically stunning finish is achieved.

Powder Coating

Typically, most of the reparation work we are asked to perform on powder coatings is due to aesthetic purposes. Often, over time and due to exposure to the elements, the powder coating can fail. If left untreated this can have a negative impact on the aesthetics of your premises and cause structural damage.

This is especially true of powder coatings that have been applied to steel. Due to the fact that exposed steel will corrode incredibly quickly if left exposed to the elements. We suggest in such instances to schedule remedial work at the first opportunity. Additionally, in the interim to avoid further damage and to minimise corrosion, weather protection should be implemented.

Powder Coating

Specialist Powder Coating Restorations

This is demonstrated by the customer warranty we provide on all work we complete. Our experience and specialism working with this medium enables us to provide a finish which matches the surrounding area and provides high levels of longevity. Typically, our powder coating repair work falls into four core categories:

The performance of repairs due to a bad original finish.

The performance of a repair due to a lack of cleaning to the finish.

The performance of a repair as the result of external damage to the coating.

The performance of a complete re-coating as part of a re-brand of either the building or the company.

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We work with some of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the world including: Jaguar Land Rover, Unilever, Porsche, Starbucks, McDonalds, KFC, Adidas and a number of Premier League football clubs including Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Watford Football Club and West Ham United Football Club.

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