Buckingham Coatings RAL colours

Buckingham Coatings are proud to offer a dedicated coating service which utilises the colours contained within the RAL colour system. The reason we use this system is that the range of RAL Colours is by far the most popular of the colour coding systems contained within the Central European Colour Standard system. This popularity of the RAL colour coding system can be attributed to the widespread variety of applications for which it is suitable.

What are RAL ccolours?

The system was initially implemented in 1927. The reason for its creation was to create a language which was both concise and could be easily comprehended, it enabled different colours to be identified both quickly and accurately. This was achieved through the creation of a standardisation of both colour names and numbers to all the colours contained within the RAL colour chart. This enables end users to easily understand the desired colour.

Why we use RAL?

We empower our customers to make use of the complete spectrum of colours contained within the RAL system. Therefore, we offer on site spraying services which can utilise any of the colours that are included within the RAL colour code. Our service offering in this sector is suitable for a diverse range of applications, in that the range is so diverse that literally any wall, substrate or roof, whether internal or external is suitable to be spraying with our RAL colour service.

Your RAL colours

We understand that some of our customers may not know the coding or name of their desired colour. Do not worry, this does not mean that there needs to be a compromise. This is because we offer a dedicated colour matching service of all of the colours contained within the RAL system. In order to understand the scope of work and volume of paint required to complete your spraying project, a member of our team will visit your sight in order to perform a survey of your premises. Once this has been completed, a comprehensive outline of the project will be provided to you to allow you to make informed decisions that best suit you and your building.

Please visit https://www.buckinghamcoatings.co.uk/ or call us on 01376 311597 for further information about our dedicated RAL colour spraying service or to arrange a site survey.

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