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Shop Front Spraying

Shop Front Paint Spraying is part of our Complete Cladding Repair & Re-coating Service

Our service is equally applicable to newly installed shop fronts as it is to those that need re-branding or have been neglected and need a face-lift. Our service, which is available throughout the UK, is available in the retail, hospitality and entertainment industries.

Buckingham Coatings

Shop Front Paint Spraying

Due to the sophistication of the paint systems we utilise, our paint can be applied to a variety of materials and substrates. These include, but are not limited to, aluminium, polyester, powder coatings, galvanised metals, plastics, fibreglass, window glass and even wood. Additionally, our shop front spraying service includes these additional features:
– The reparation of dents and scratches.
– The production of a perfectly smooth finish across the shop front.
– An incredibly hard wearing finish that offers exceptional longevity.
– A speedy application.

Colour-Match Shop Front Painting

We understand that many companies want their shop front to be an extension of their brand. Therefore, compromise on colour is simply unacceptable. We wish to assure you that we are able to provide an exact match on your desired colour. This is achieved through our dedicated paint matching service.

Our shop front spraying service involves the cordoning off of the area which will be worked on – ensuring safe access to the working area is established. Preparation is essential to producing the optimum surface finish. Therefore masking tape is attached to surrounding areas to prevent the occurrence of over-spray. Following this the substrate which is to be sprayed is heavily degreased, before being sanded and filed in order to ensure the optimum level of adhesion for the coating is provided.

Experienced in the Repair and Resprays of Shop Fronts

All of the teams which Buckingham Coatings employ have years of experience both in the repair and respray of shop fronts in difficult areas of retail parks and high streets- providing an excellent finish each and every time. We make every effort to ensure that our spraying work does not impede the operation of your business. Where possible we undertake this service outside of your operating hours, often overnight.

Working With..

Our Clients

We work with some of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the world including: Jaguar Land Rover, Unilever, Porsche, Starbucks, McDonalds, KFC, Adidas and a number of Premier League football clubs including Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Watford Football Club and West Ham United Football Club.

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