Bulford Army Camp – Sailsbury

Bulford Army Camp contacted us asking for us to complete repairs on the building and then to perform a respray on the repaired areas with a bespoke colour match to ensure that any areas that required maintenance are not noticeable. Travelling from Braintree to Sailsbury to complete this job demonstrates our dedication on delivering high quality customer service and work performance.

Project Spec

Commencement date: November 2019

Completion date: November 2019

Labour: Two operatives for five days

Scope of Works

To complete cladding repairs

To respray building

Ensure a bespoke colour match is complete.

Method & Special Requirements

Special materials required to fill and repair 30mm holes in cladding, these occurred when holes for pipes where cut in the wrong place.

Complications came our way…

During completing this project we were faced with a complication, due to there also being a construction team on site who were completing a job to do with installing piping it created a issue for us and finishing our project by our expected competition time.  The construction contractors had to cut holes into the building to be able to install piping when doing so they realised that they had cut the holes in the wrong place on the building, this then meant that we had to fill the holes to save any future issues developing or arising. Repairing some areas of the building proved to be more difficult than other due to having to work around a ready installed light. However we found a solution and got it done.

Finishing the job

After completing the required repairs to the building we then had to colour match, this process is something that we find vital at Buckingham Coatings as we know how much of a disturbance incorrect colour matching can be.  To do this we had to use our dedicated colour technicians, to ensure it is up to the highest standard possible. Respraying the Bulford Army Camp building was a difficult job to complete as it was both internal and external areas that required being sprayed.

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