Burger King, Telford – Cladding Repair & Respray

Our client contacted us requesting cladding panel repairs after selected areas receiving damage. During this project, we had to complete an on-site colour tinting to match the existing coating, using the colour RAL1015 Honesty. We then resprayed over the repaired areas after completing this bespoke colour match to the current cladding, ensuring that there was no evidence of a repair taking place! Our team worked with other contractors on site to ensure low impact on their own works.

Project Spec

Commencement date: June 2020

Completion date: June 2020

Labour: Two operatives for one day

Scope of Works

Cladding repair and respray using colour RAL1015 Honesty – we had to tint the colour on site to get a perfect match.(10 year warranty on paintwork)

Works were completed off a cherry picker – an IPAF ticket was required, including harness training.

Our team worked with other contractors on site to ensure low impact on their own works.

On-site Colour Matching

When the cladding panels were repaired, our colour technician was sent to site. The colour being used was bespoke ‘RAL1015 Honesty’ – which we had to tint the colour on site to get a perfect match! This required us to prepare the paint on the premises to ensure that we achieved the exact, colour-match finish required for the cladding respray coating, in order to achieve a look that had no evidence of a repair taking place.

Working at height to repair & recoat cladding panels

In order to obtain access to repair and recoat the panes, works where completed using a cherry picker. Appropriate IPAF tickets including harness training was required for completion of the project, which made it a straight-forward exercise for our operatives to do a bespoke repair quickly with the aid of the cherry picker, which proved vital access needed to the side of the building. The pictures below show how the cladding panels were transformed!

Project Gallery

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