Car Dealership – Dubai

Buckingham Coatings completed this job over in Dubai, we had to prepare ourselves for any issues we may encounter. To complete this job in the best way possible we had to plan ahead and be organised for the whole project, we had to adapt our usual work times to suit the climate and decide what would be best for our products in the heat.

Project Spec

Commencement date: October 2019

Completion date: November 2019

Labour: Two operatives for six weeks

Scope of Works

To complete a full building repair

To do a full building respray

To perform a colour match

Method & Special Requirements

IPAF Tickets required to complete job

Colour match needed

Working in Dubai

Completing a job over in Dubai was extraordinary for a company like this who is based in Braintree, Essex (England). This project of a full building repair and respray began with us deciding how to tackle the issues of the weather, as it was our first job that we took on abroad which comes with the climate change and being in a completely different environment meaning we had to take into account that we were surrounded by sand and dust. Due to the different environment we had to plan certain times to complete the respraying,ensuring that the wet paint was not exposed to sand as it would run the risk of damaging products that would go on to cost us in the future. Respraying the building in heat was something that we had never had to complete before therefore we decided it would be essential to paint certain elevations at night when the temperature had dropped.

Whole building repair and respray process

Completing this project in the hot weather conditions was a struggle as we don’t usually work in these conditions, repairing and respraying the whole building was a big project. The building consisted of some large holes which needed filling in and repairing before we could begin to colour match the grey on the building to ensure that it would be identical and any resprayed areas or areas that had being repaired were not noticeable or leave marks on the building.

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