CBX2, Milton Keynes – On site Lift Refurbishment

Situated above prime retail and food outlets and offering Grade A office space in the heart of Milton Keynes, the CBX2 buildings boast stunning glass atriums and newly refurbished reception areas and lifts.

The four lifts servicing the CBX2 buildings, two in the East buildings and two in the West buildings, had all been damaged and were urgently in need of repair.

Project Spec

Commencement date: February 2018

Completion date: February 2018

Labour: Two operatives for four days

Scope of Works

To refurbish four lifts in CBX2 – two lifts in each East and West building.

To mask and protect all areas unaffected by damage.

Clean and prepare all deep scratches and dents for filling and priming.

Fill and prime all scratches and dents.

Remove excess filler and smoothen panel surface.

Match topcoat paint to existing lift panel colour.

Apply topcoat in specified colour by spraying.

Method & Special Requirements

No access equipment required to refurbish lifts so therefore none supplied.

Painting of lift panels only carried out to appropriate areas that have been prepared, primed and repaired and requested painting technique is spraying.

Project to be undertaken out of operational hours to minimise disruption to businesses.

Urgent request for lift refurbishment works

Being an area of heavy footfall traffic with delivery trolleys regularly going to and from the offices inside the two CBX2 buildings, the four lifts had become damaged from general wear and tear over time.

The damage consisted of deep scratches and dents on the lift surfaces that all required repairing and repainting.

This did not make the lifts inoperable so the works were required to be carried out quickly outside of the normal operating hours of the businesses inside the buildings.

Colour-matching, cleaning, filling and priming reparation

The first port of call was for a bespoke colour matching process to take place to ensure the topcoat that would be applied colour-matched the surrounding panels. This was undertaken by one our dedicated colour technicians,  who has been trained in performing colour-matching onsite and by sight.

All of the areas unaffected by damage had to be preserved by being masked up. This made way for our operatives to carefully apply primer and filler to all the scratches and dents in the lift panels.

Once filled and primed our operatives removed all excess filler and smoothed the panels surfaces before applying the topcoat in our client’s specified colour.

Lift refurbishment paint spraying service

With the colour-matching successful and all parties satisfied with a test sample, our operatives could commence spray painting the topcoat. This method of application is a quicker method than rollering or brushing that produced a smooth and even recoat to the lift panel.

By undertaking this project outside of normal business working hours, we had to make sure our methods for refurbishing the lifts was fast and flexible. This was another reason why paint spraying was chosen, as it allowed our operatives to be more efficient and complete the works on time to meet the urgent deadline requested by the client.

“Good as new” bespoke lift refurb

Once all works had been carried out and all masking equipment had been removed from the surrounding panels, our operatives left the four lifts of the CBX2 Milton Keynes buildings looking clean and refreshed.

We were pleased with the finished job on this bespoke lift refurbishment for the final aesthetic and speed with which we turned the works around.  It was a pleasure to receive positive feedback from our client telling us how happy they were with the results and commenting that the lifts looked as good as new.

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