Choosing the right colours for your building

Many people choose their first impression of a business on their building, this includes the colour of the building as most people will judge the colour on the basis of the mood of the business. For example if the building was to be yellow people would initially think of positivity.

First Impressions

When deciding the colour of your building first impressions is something you should consider, another factor that should be considered is your business current branding as you need to keep a connection with that, for example if you have blue in your branding then you should include blue in the colour of your building (the same shade of blue) this will be good for brand recognition.

What to consider?

Consider the environment of where your building is, for example if you have a building that is on a main road where a large amount of pollution is produced you don’t want to go for a light colour building such as white as over time being surrounded by pollution will start to show and take its toll causing discoloration. 

Signage needs to still be able to stand out on your building if you have it, you need to ensure that the background colour will not drain out the colour of the sign. Although your building may have branding on it you still need a sign for clarification to your customers that they are at the correct building. 

What to ensure…

You need to ensure that you remember the colour spectrum as you do not want to have a building that has colours which clash together, causing the building to lose its identity and can impact the reputation of the business for being unprofessional and lacking organisation. 

Buckingham Coatings offer the option of using metallic colours and solid colours, these can be suitable for various buildings in different environments. For more information on these colour options please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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