Damaged Cladding Refurbishment – Collins Aerospace – Northampton

The client (Collins Aerospace – Northampton) contacted us requesting for us to complete repairs and a respray on to damaged cladding after screw holes being left from removal of signage on cladding. To complete this request we had to perform a on site colour match to ensure top quality results and to ensure the clients expectations were met to the highest possible standard we could achieve here at Buckingham Coatings.

Project Spec

Commencement date: January 2020

Completion date: January 2020

Labour: Two operatives for three days

Scope of Works

To repair external cladding

Respray of External Cladding Repairs

Method & Special Requirements

At height (IPAF & PASMA ticket)

 RAL7035 Oyster


The building had been handed back to the landlord after their tenant, therefore the signage was removed which left several screw holes. This meant that we had to repair the holes that were left on the building, once we repaired them we had to respray them in order for the building/cladding panels to look like brand new. Due to the weathering of the cladding panels since being installed on to the building. This meant it was necessary to perform a colour match on site to ensure we met the clients requirements of the building look brand new.

End result

We completed this job within three days and met the high expectations that our client had expected. Colour matching the panelled cladding on the building required extreme dedication as we wanted to ensure it was perfect and blended in as best as possible. We are extremely proud of the results we achieved whilst completing this project.

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