Donating To The Food Bank To Support The Local Community

Due to Covid-19 people have been placed in difficult situations and facing some super hard times with providing the basic necessities for themselves and their families. Therefore we want to support the local community of Braintree in any way possible by donating to the food bank regularly.

What made us want to donate?

We have taken this upon ourselves to provide regularly as it will not be an easy recovery for people or businesses to come back from the difficulties faced during the lockdown period or the aftermath of the lockdown. With Covid-19 cases on the up again people will be preparing for the worse and we want to play our part in making sure that the charities people will be relying on are able to offer the support needed for families and individuals.

Where is Buckingham Coatings local community?

Buckingham Coatings are wanting people to know that they are a honest business who are not just in it for themselves but also to be able to do kind gestures like this to their local community in Braintree and surrounding areas. With Essex being such a large county they want to be recognised for their kind gestures and support they offer.

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