Fiat – Southport – Shop Front Repair and Respray

This client contacted us in hope we would be able to repair damaged areas on the building and help to get it back in top condition after the change of ownership. This meant we had to repair various damaged areas after removal of signage, lighting and security cameras and then respray over this.

Project Spec

Commencement date: January 2020

Completion date: January 2020

Labour: Two operatives for three days

Scope of Works

To repair damaged areas on the building

Respray over repaired areas

Car Dealership / RAL3002

Method & Special Requirements

Working at height off MEWP IPAF ticket required.

Repaired areas for Fiat

This project required respray and repair to the building after a complete re brand from Peugeot to Kia, this meant a change of colour completely as it went from having the Peugeot blue to being the Kia red colour. These repairs included areas where there was recently removal of signage, lighting and security cameras, due to this we had to repair these areas before proceeding any further with the project.

Building Respray

We had to complete this project before another contractor was coming to place some signage on to the building, therefore we wanted to ensure the top quality results we always deliver despite the time limitation. We air sprayed the top of the building in the colour RAL 3002 which we believed to be the KIA colour. To complete the selected area it meant we had to work at height to be able to do this we had to present our MEWP IPAF ticket which allows us to proceed these works on site and signifies we are trained in case something went wrong whilst being at height.

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