Go Vauxhall, Croydon – Curtain Walling Repair and Respray

Go Vauxhall is Croydon’s premier new and used Vauxhall car dealer.

Scope of Works

As works were commenced after the dealership had opened there were a number of challenges for us to overcome, firstly, it was neccessary for us to complete the works at night, this was to minimise disruption to the business and its customers, secondly, the dealership had already moved vehicles in to the area where the works were taking place this meant that efforts were made to fully protect not only the area in the vicinity of the work but also protect the vehicles from overspray.

Method & Special Requirements

When the damaged curtain walling was repaired, our colour technician was sent to site. The colour being used was bespoke to Vauxhall Croydon which required us to prepare the paint on the premises to ensure that we achieved the exact, colour-match finish required for the cladding respray coating.

A premium quality finish

Works were completed within the agreed timescale and, as can be seen from the photographs, to the high visual standard that Vauxhall expect from such a high impact dealership.

This was another fantastic job completed by our operatives which resulted in another very happy customer.

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