HVLP Spraying – Integral Powertrain Milton Keynes

Buckingham Coatings recently completed a project at Integral Powertrain in Milton Keynes, where we had the job of respraying three water features that were placed in the clients front entrance. These were originally fitted in standard black however the client wanted them to match the colour scheme of the rest of the building…

Project Spec

Commencement date: July 2020

Completion date: July 2020

Labour: One operative for one day

Scope of Works

Respray to water features

Colour RAL 8029 – had to match building colours.

On-site Colour Matching

To meet the client’s request of a colour change we used specialised materials in RAL8029 this was so that the paint would be able to withstand the exposure to water, to do so we applied several coats of a two pack paint to give the customers the long durability that they require.

Recoating Water Features

Finding a colour that fitted in with the rest of the building and changing three water features from black to this colour ensuring that the HVLP Spraying would be a long enough durability and stay sustainable whilst being surrounded in water was the key worry we were faced with. Applying several coats of two pack paint seemed like the best idea and way to ensure that there was no colour fade or loss that would be massively noticeable as time goes on.

Project Gallery

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