Is your Building on Brand?

Whether you’re driving through a busy city or walking down your local high street, everywhere you look you will see the results of financial investments into company brands. Whether this be to an office building, shopfront, warehouse, school or hospital – your building is a physical expression of your company and your brand.

Signage Opportunities

Are you making the most out of your signage and company branding? Premises signage can both help with directing customers to you, both on your building itself and your site signage. Branded signage that is repeated throughout premises is sure to create a lasting impression in your customers’ mind, inspiring confidence and trust.

Colour Matching

Your building signage must keep in line with your company branding. Your logo, slogan and colour scheme are all part of your brand. Colour is an important part of any brand’s identity, therefore it is important that a match is found to ensure an integrated brand-wide appearance is achieved. Buckingham Coatings offer a bespoke colour matching service, as we do not believe that our customers should compromise on their branding and our colour matching service ensures this.

Quality is Key

First impressions certainly count and they stick with customers from the very beginning. Is your business premises appealing? Appeal is what draws prospective customers in, a welcoming and clean visual appearance is sure to stick in their mind leaving a positive lasting impression.

Quality is key when it comes to keeping your building on brand. Employing a specialist design agency who understands the importance of the correlation between architecture and design is a necessity. This will ensure that the outcome will not only look good visually, but will also tie-in with the building architecture and reflect your brand’s values. Investing in quality building branding will show results both in short term and in the long run. We have seen far too many incidents of poorly joined fascias, unsuitable fixings that lessen design quality, visible bolts / screws, and ‘one-size fits all’ solutions that may have worked on one building, but definitely does not work on another business premises.

Keeping up Appearances

It’s easy to forget that the outside of your office is the first thing your customers see when they visit. The upkeep of your building is just as important as the initial implementation of the branding. A fresh respray of your cladding can transform any building, adding life and vibrancy, enhancing the visual appearance, brightening up the frontage. Maybe it’s not a respray, but a commercial building clean that you’re after? Clean cladding and curtain walling really do make all the difference. It is a bit of an old cliché but it’s true.. You never get a second chance to make a first impression!


So, say you have just bought a new building / premises and are beginning your business venture.. You have employed a graphic designer to draw up a logo + brand guidelines for implementing across your business, including your premises. However, converting a concept into reality can sometimes be a downfall when it comes to attention to detail. Sometimes, the design concept and the engineering of buildings do not work as well together as initially thought, this is why communication is key in order to create exterior signage that creates a compelling impression and expression of your brand. You will need to ensure that your brand designer, sign maker and sign installers all communicate with each other to overcome any possible obstacles. Considering specific features of your building (if there are any) with a quality engineered finish will make a huge impact, and make the world of difference.

Multiple Buildings

Some organisations have multiple buildings in various locations, and no two are ever the same. So, how do we tie these together? A ‘one-size fits all’ approach is going to fail dramatically, as every building has its own architecture, shape and materials. You will need to consider a multitude of factors when dealing with various buildings; this can include understanding the fixings, lighting, materials and fabrication processes, not to mention interpreting the architectural design and guidelines of your brand to produce a modern, stylish and creative design.

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