Jaguar Land Rover, Crawley – Cladding Repair and Respray

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is a company that brings together two much loved, highly prestigious British car brands – Jaguar and Land Rover.

After Tata Motors acquired Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford in 2008, it merged the two marques into a single company and its success has flourished. The company manufactures memorable vehicles and innovative technologies that continue to add to a long-lasting legacy of innovation and style.

Project Spec

Commencement date: August 2018

Completion date: August 2018

Labour: Two operatives for three days

Scope of Works

Repair and respray damaged cladding panels.

Method & Special Requirements

Repair and paint cladding panels in appropriate areas that have been prepared and primed. Requested technique is spraying.

Mixture of custom colour to match the existing cladding.

IPAF licence.

Buckingham Coatings proud to work with JLR

Our team at Buckingham Coatings was very excited to be commissioned to work on site at a new Jaguar Land Rover dealership in Crawley, West Sussex.

As a brand renowned for being Britain’s premium car company, JLR’s standards for high quality, engineering excellence and advanced design are paramount to the look and feel of luxury they are known for.

When the cladding was damaged immediately above their newly installed signage at the JLR Crawley site, it was crucial that it was put right as quickly as possible. Buckingham Coatings was therefore brought in for a fast and effective cladding repair and respray job.

Business as usual: Cladding repair and respray works from 9 – 5

The dealership remained open while the cladding panel repairs were implemented which meant we had to plan our works to ensure minimal disruption to staff and customers.

Due to the height of the repairs it was necessary for us to work off a scissor lift. This required the skills of Buckingham Coatings operatives that hold the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) license to guarantee all machine operations were conducted safely and responsibly on site.

A colour-matched cladding respray

When the damaged cladding panels were repaired, our colour technician was sent to site. The colour being used was bespoke to JLR Crawley which required us to prepare the paint on the premises to ensure that we achieved the exact, colour-match finish required for the cladding respray coating.

A premium quality finish

Works were completed within the agreed timescale and, as can be seen from the photographs, to the high visual standard that JLR expect from such a high impact dealership.

This was another fantastic job completed by our operatives which resulted in another very happy customer.

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