London Tennis Club – Respray

This tennis club in London is a sporting institution after more than 100 years it has become a sporting institution at home and abroad.

That Famous Green – colour-matched cladding respray

Our immediate challenge on site was to achieve the perfect colour match of an extremely important green, absolutely key to the clients brand it was of the upmost important that the colour sprayed on site was the perfect match. Our team has years of experience matching the most awkward colours and once again met our customers expectation.

We pulled out all the stops to complete the project on time

Our client set strict timescales due to the works being completed before an upcoming event. In order to ensure the project was completed to the agreed timescales we had four operatives working for four weeks. The recoating team took on varied shift patterns, to deliver an outcome that we were proud of.

The right materials for the job

One element of the works was painting some floors with a high volume of foot traffic, in order to ensure the longevity of the work specialist materials were used to provide piece of mind to our client that these works would stand the test of time.

Another part of the job was spraying in tight spaces, our operatives are trained to work in these conditions and in order to ensure the safety of our staff and other contractors in the immediate vicinity we used state of the art water based paint.

Customer Testimonial

We employed Buckingham Coatings Limited on a very sensitive project to carry out remedial painting on 5 large housings.

They provided a competitive price and demonstrated a high level of technical knowledge on what was required.

They completed the works within the required timescale to a good standard of workmanship and if anything exceed our expectations in how the works were carried out.

We would definitely recommend them and would use them again in the future.

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