Mare Street – Hackney

Client contacted requesting to repair and respray cladding panels after previous contractor was unable to achieve the correct colour match and sprayed various panels in the incorrect colour meaning they had been rejected. This meant we had to perform a bespoke colour match on site and consult the main contractor to ensure it was spot on.

Project Spec

Commencement date: December 2019

Completion date: January 2020

Labour: Two operatives for ten weeks

Scope of Works

Repair and Respray Cladding Panels

Method & Special Requirements

At height (PASMA and IPAF Tickets required)

Colour Matching

With this job there had been previous work completed that had been sprayed by an alternative contractor who did not meet the correct colour as the existing cladding, this meant that all panels had been rejected and needed to be redone in order to make the whole building all look identical. To do this it meant a bespoke colour match was required, therefore our operatives manged to complete a one day sample on site where they performed the on site colour match service. Once this was complete we were then able to consult the main contractor about the colour match results to see if they agreed and were happy to go ahead with the respray of the selected panels.

Colour consultation

We consulted the main contractor on the colour match to ensure there would be no further issues with this decision further along the process, after the consultation with the main contractor who decided it was a acceptable colour and for us to go ahead with the respray on all of the rejected panels that had previously being sprayed in a incorrect colour (this caused a disturbance to the building and needed to be addressed ASAP). We believe our client was happy with the work and appreciated being involved in the process and having a say in the decided colour we used.

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