Maserati, Solihull – Cladding Repair, Respray & Colour Match

We have recently completed a project for Maserati in Solihull. This was a cladding repair and respray project. For this project it involved complete dedication and hard work as our client had such high standards we had to ensure we met them, this applied for our service and customer service we displayed.

maserati repaired cladding panels

Project Spec

Commencement date: January 2021

Completion date: January 2021

Labour: Two operatives for one day

Scope of Works

On site colour match.

Cladding panels cleaned.

Cladding respray.

masarti solihull before fixing

On-site Colour Matching

With us having to clean cement of the clients cladding panels it meant that paint was washed away leaving noticeable discolouration, therefore we had to perform an on site RAL colour match.  To get the colour spot on we had to use a bespoke colour to ensure no repairs stood out. With us also repairing scratches and dents we had to make sure they were completely covered.

Repairing the cladding panels

The cladding panels had many scratches and dents as well as cement stuck to them, therefore before we commenced our repairs we had to remove the cement. We then went on to clean the panels and remove all the scratches and dents that were on the cladding. We then performed our on site colour match to respray over the repairs. Due to the client having extremely high expectations we had to ensure it was a strong match to meet the set expetations. We used a bespoke colour to ensure it was all perfect for our client!

Project Gallery

solihull masarti building
maserati repaired cladding panels
masarti solihull before fixing
dented cladding panels
scratched and dented cladding panels
maserati cladding respray and repair

A cost-effective alternative to replacing cladding panels

We were able to create an invisible repair on an already beautiful building, and by repairing and re-spraying the cladding panels rather than replacing them, we helped our client make a considerable cost and time saving. All parties were happy with the results and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

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