MRH Service Station, Mildenhall – Cladding Panel Repair & Respray

MRH was the UK’s leading independent forecourt operator, serving 2.5 million customers every week at 491 sites across the country. As a petrol station and convenience retail operator on the forecourts of several motorway services and a large number of A-road services, MRH’s partnerships with petrol companies BP, Shell and Esso sees them sell up to 2.5 billion litres of fuel annually. MRH also operates retail offerings that include Spar, Budgens, Subway, Costa and Greggs, as well as its own Hursts format.

MRH was acquired by Motor Fuel Group (MFG) at the end of February 2018 which now makes MFG the largest independent forecourt operator in the UK by number of sites and by volume of fuel.  MFG and MRH together operate more than 900 sites today.

Project Spec

Commencement date: July 2018

Completion date: July 2018

Labour: Two operatives for three days

Scope of Works

Repair and respray cladding that was damaged during ground works.

Prepare all scratches, dents and creases in cladding panels for filling.

To fill and apply primer to all affected areas.

Apply a bespoke topcoat in paint colour specified by the client

Method & Special Requirements

Mobile scaffold tower equipment provided by client.

Painting of cladding panels only carried out to appropriate areas that have been prepared and primed and requested technique is spraying.

PASMA tickets

Buckingham Coatings chosen for MRH Mildenhall’s panel repair work

MRH Mildenhall service station on the A11 in Suffolk is no stranger to the importance of having an eye-catching building for attracting customers.

Having constructed a stunning new retail service station, Buckingham Coatings was proud to be involved in MRH Mildenhall’s project. Our expertise was required to implement some cladding panel repair work with respray to a number of damaged areas – all in line with MRH Mildenhall’s custom design.

A crucial colour-matching service

We worked closely with our client to ensure that all works were completed to the highest standard.

It was important to our client that the colour match was perfect as they had designed a bespoke pattern incorporating four different colours on the exterior of the building.

One of our dedicated colour technicians was involved in the project to ensure there were no compromises. Instead, we achieved an integrated brand-wide appearance that was fully in-keeping with the original aesthetic.

Trained in working at height using mobile access towers

It was necessary for us to use a scaffold tower for certain elements of the cladding panel repair and respray works.

We were aware that extra care was necessary as some of the panels had been damaged previously through contact with a scaffold tower. However, we were able to guarantee full confidence in our operational expertise.  Our operatives are fully trained on the use of this equipment and hold Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ & Manufacturers’ Association (PASMA) tickets as evidence they are fully trained.

Cladding coating with protection from over-spray

Following completion of all of the panel repairs, our operatives protected areas from overspray around the cladding. This is always an important step but particular care was needed on this job to ensure we protected the client’s colourful cladding.

A successful panel repair and respray service

The service station was due to open to the public as part of a public launch which required the cladding works to be completed within a specific timeframe.

Buckingham Coatings delivered to spec and within the necessary timescale making our client extremely happy with the works carried out.

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