National Grid – St Johns Wood, London – On site panel clean, repair and respray

National Grid used a contractor to replace multiple concrete cable tunnels on site and during the course of their work they caused extensive damage to the cladding including multiple large dents, a variety of different scratches with various depths and they also splashed wet concrete all over the panels that surround one of the large generators on site, the panels that were used on site when constructed are no longer being manufactured and therefore it was not an option for them to be replaced, we were approached directly and asked to visit site so that we could provide some ideas on how we could refurbish these panels and get them back to their original state.

Project Spec

Commencement date: April 2018

Completion date: May 2018

Labour: Two operatives for four weeks

Scope of Works

On Site Panel Repair and Respray Hunter Douglas Luxalon Panels

Method & Special Requirements

the panels were cleaned down using PH neutral cleaner and that the concrete was removed with good old-fashioned elbow grease, we could then assess the extent of the damage, so that we could advise of the repairs required on site and then complete a full respray.

No job is too big!

As the site is National Grid site health and safety rules where rigorous, following extensive consultations between our IOSH accredited staff, Morgan Sindall and the National Grid all necessary health and safety protocols where in place. Our labour where then required to undertake additional training to ensure they were fully aware of their responsibilities on site.

All of our recommendations were accepted and we attended site and complete a full clean down of all panels, we removed all of the concrete and this enabled the guys to fill all the dents and scratches and return all of the panels back to their original condition.

Once repairs were completed we applied two coats of high build primer and then two coats of 2k top coat, this has left the cladding on site looking like new and the client was very very happy.

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