New Year. New Cladding Refurbishment.

Taking down the Christmas decorations can leave us feeling uninspired as we go back to work.

We could all do with putting some sparkle in our lives in January… especially in commercial premises and the workplace

Freshen up your building’s exterior for the New Year

If your building looks a bit drab after the spectacle of Christmas, some refurbishment to the exterior could help give it a new lease of life for the new year.

A splash of colour or a new look to freshen up the entrance can generate some energy and local buzz to make your business feel more welcoming again.

Cladding refurbishment can improve your image

Refurbishing your building’s cladding is not just a promise to lift the spirits of your customers and staff with some new and improved aesthetics.

Your building itself can be a striking feature that enhances your corporate image by leaving a lasting impression on your visitors and that sets your business apart from competitors.

Cladding refurbishment will improve the life of your building

A new look for your cladding or façade also offers the benefit of increasing the lifespan of your building. After all, any damage to your building’s cladding or façade can quickly deteriorate with weathering.

Extreme weather, such as heavy rains and the cold frosts we get in winter, can corrode and compromise the protective external coating of your building.

Don’t let bad weather do more damage

When cladding on your building becomes damaged, it is imperative that it is repaired at the first opportunity.  A refurbishment gives you just this opportunity!

Invest in cladding refurbishment and cleaning specialists

At Buckingham Coatings we offer solutions for repairs and coating of all claddingcurtain wallingfaçade and roofing issues to help make your building look like brand new again.

By maintaining you building’s exterior with regular upkeep and cleaning, our services are a cost-effective alternative to having to buy new, replacement panels.

As specialists in repairing and recoating different types of cladding, from single skin, insulated, flat or profiled, we can meet your requirements – including panel repair to cladding manufactured by: AlucabondEurbondEurocladTataTrespa and Kingspan.

Contact us about improving your building’s cladding or signage

If you have any signage, cladding or facades that require cleaning, repairing or recoating then please contact us for information or a quote.

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