Office Horrors – The Dirty Truth this Halloween

The horrors people work with in the office can be frightening. And we’re not even talking about your colleagues or your workload!  We’re not referring to the tricks that will no doubt arise from today’s Halloween tom-foolery either. We’re interested in the office horrors that are all around you right now, that you probably haven’t even noticed…

Work environments are a breeding ground for germ horrors

Did you know that the average workplace desk harbours 400x more bacteria than the average toilet seat?

The excerpt below taken from this Desktime infographic illustrates some of the filthy facts from inside the average office. See the link for more office home truths – including the top four most germ-contaminated spots in the office: the phone, water fountain handle, microwave door handle and keyboard.

What about outside of your office building?

The horrifying truth is that there is poor quality, sub-standard and unsafe cladding still in use today. In the worst extreme, we all know the hazardous reality of old buildings having flammable cladding and insulation – just as the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy proved in June 2017.

The horrors of damage becoming damaging

Damage caused to a building’s exterior can become a horror story if left unrepaired –whether that’s the claddingcurtain wallingfaçade, window frames, roof or any type of architectural fixings. Over time, even the smallest damage can deteriorate with exposure from the seasons’ elements.

Here at Buckingham Coatings we’ve seen examples of this on industrial roofing and cladding panels. That’s why we always advise business owners to be quick to repair, rather than have to replace if they can help it.

Keeping it clean with regular upkeep

Just as it’s important to keep the indoor work space clear and tidy, the same applies to the outside of your office building.

Regular upkeep from roofing and cladding cleaning not only help to improve the lifespan of your building by removing corrosive dirt and grime but can also help to identify any damage so that repairs can be done rather than having to make costly replacements later.

Ghastly colourful tales

There’s a lot to be said for choosing the right company to maintain and refurbish your building. In just the same way your business does due diligence on your choice of interior cleaner, the same approach should be taken with your exterior maintenance company.

Buckingham Coatings is often called in to repair work that’s already been attempted by another cladding or roofing coatings company. We’ve seen some shocking colour matches and had to smooth out several “so-called” cladding repairs in our time.

No more property maintenance shockers

Our restoration and reparation work is available on all types of cladding and roofing as a stand-alone one-off service, or as part of a continued program of care and repair. Whatever you choose, we will tailor the service to the way that works best for your business.

So, if you need us to match a British Standard, RAL or pantone colour, want us to work with other contractors on your project, or prefer that we complete work outside of your business’ operating hours, we can do it.

Contact us about improving your building’s cladding or signage

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