Selfridges, Oxford Street – Cladding repair & respray

Originally tasked with renovating window frames earlier in the year, it was a proud moment when Buckingham Coatings was invited back for a second project at the luxurious London department store.

The iconic and illustrious Selfridges department store on Oxford Street in London is one of the busiest in Europe, taking in many of the 13,500 shoppers that traverse the street every hour.

Since first opening its doors in 1909 Selfridges has grown into a name synonymous with high end fashion. It’s little wonder their building’s appearance is of vital importance to their public image.

Project Spec

Commencement date: July 2018

Completion date: July 2018

Labour: Two operatives for two weeks

Scope of Works

To repair and respray cladding panels that were damaged while being manoeuvred into place by crane and from the erection and dismantling of a nearby scaffold tower.

Prepare all scratches, dents and creases in cladding panels for filling.

To fill and apply primer to all affected areas.

Apply topcoat in paint colour specified by the client.

Method & Special Requirements

Access to the two stair cores on the buildings roof made possible by scaffold tower, supplied by the main contractor.

Painting of cladding panels only carried out to appropriate areas that have been prepared and primed and requested technique is spraying.

All four operatives required PASMA accreditation.

A project to repair damaged cladding

Damage occurred during the installation of new cladding panels to two stairwell cores on the roof when they were being manoeuvred into place by a crane. A scaffold tower had been erected and dismantled nearby, making it a delicate task for our operatives to erect a second tower to provide access to fix the damage.

The damage to the cladding consisted of a combination of defects varying from scratches to dents and creases. It had also affected all the panels of the two stairwell cores.

We found a cladding repair & respray solution

It was an urgent job for the cladding panels to be repaired so Buckingham Coatings was brought in for our expertise to find the right cladding repair solution.

Our plan was to repair the cladding panels rather than replace them to enable Selfridges to have the works carried out more cost-effectively and quicker than replacing them for new.

The challenges of coating & repairing cladding panels on site

Completion of the stairwell core required manoeuvring and working around doorways, ventilation systems and other obstructions. Our operatives had to take extra care not to cause further damage to the cladding panels.

The affected areas all had to be prepared and then repaired before respraying, which was a bespoke process involving the careful application of industrial filler, primer and some other trade secrets.

Once prepared and repaired, respraying could take place to overcoat the cladding panels in the customers chosen colour.

Another job well done… That’s good for business!

Once works were completed all cladding panels were inspected and found to be more than satisfactory by our operatives, the main contractor and by Selfridges.

With everyone proud of the outcome and the likelihood of being referred for further works in future, Buckingham Coatings is delighted to be working with the prestigious Oxford Street Selfridges store.

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