Selfridges, Oxford Street- Window refurbishment

One of the most recognisable retail spaces in Europe, Selfridges has steadily grown since 1909 to be one of the best department stores in the world. Footfall traffic on Oxford Street stands at a staggering 13,500 pedestrians every hour and Selfridges takes in the lions share of the shoppers.

Understandably, the condition of the Selfridges building is vitally important to the company and critical to them that  the historic features of the building be retained and restored.

Project Spec

Commencement date: January 2018

Completion date: February 2018

Labour: Two operatives for eight days

Scope of Works

To assist in the removal of lead paint and re-coat window frames in select colour.

Remove lead based paint from structure and steel window frames

Prepare area for cleaning, treating and priming

Clean, treat and prime window frames

Spray window frames in selected colour match

Method & Special Requirements

No access equipment required so therefore none supplied.

Painting of steel window frames only carried out to appropriate areas that have been prepared, treated and primed and requested technique is paint spraying.

No special requirements or documentation required.

Buckingham Coatings commissioned for window refurbishment at Selfridges

It was a proud moment when Buckingham Coatings was invited to begin the project refurbishing some windows on the iconic Selfridges Oxford Street department store.

The existing lead based paint on the window frames had begun to flake away and had stained other parts of the structure. Our job was to remove this lead paint to make way for recoating. Then, once the paint had been removed, our operatives needed to clean the entire area. Only then were we able to cover it in a specialist treatment, for priming and finally recoating in our customers chosen colour.

A complementary addition to the renovation works

Our inspectors and those from Selfridges were satisfied with the final outcome, so much so that Buckingham Coatings has since been referred for future projects.

The refurbished windows were described as a good addition to the overall renovation works that took place on this iconic store.

We are tremendously proud to have built such a special relationship with Selfridges in the process.

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