Top Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Building This Winter

Just as you do with your home or car, as a business owner you should be keeping up regular property maintenance on your commercial premises.

Of course, there are regular tasks that relate to the up-keep of your building that you’ll be reminded to do as part of your Health & Safety, Human Resources and various Insurances.

Maintenance Tasks

Testing fire extinguishers & smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

Ensuring security measures are up to standard, including motion-activated security lights and CCTV

Changing cleaner filters and checking the air conditioning units

Ensuring white goods work as they should; adding water softener, salt etc

Cleaning kitchen utilities (especially refrigerator coils)

Inspecting plumbing for leaks, low pressure etc

Caring for the outside of your commercial building

Taking care of your commercial building’s exterior is as important as taking care of its interior. Just like homes have “curb appeal” when it comes to selling a house, offices have a brand image to uphold. And first impressions do count.Keeping on top of the exterior office maintenance tasks in an organised way has the potential to help you save money from making refurbishments or repairs instead of having to make pricey replacements.

How to maintain your commercial building before the winter weather really starts to set in:

First you need to ensure the building is water tight. Look for any loose or missing roof tiles, gaps in the brickwork, and loose pointing – anywhere water could penetrate.

Keep it clean

A little cleaning goes a long way. And regular cleaning can even help to prevent damage and identify anything that needs repairing or recoating before it goes too far and needs completely replacing. Get the professional roofing and cladding cleaning experts in early or on a regular “care and repair” service package to guarantee you get a safely executed and proficient service to make your building shine. Trained operatives at Buckingham Coatings are able to use access equipment and cherry pickers to work at heights of over 300ft and clean up those difficult to reach areas.

Get your gutters in good condition

Clogged gutters can overflow and break, which in turn can put a strain on the roof itself. Having the gutters and drains cleared so that all guttering and downpipes are in good condition to carry water away will help to prevent problems associated with winter when ice can cause thawing damage or extra pressure on the pipes and roofing. Just like keeping your cladding clean, keeping your building’s gutters clear can save you money on having to replace them, and even on having to repair roof damage. Buckingham Coating’s dedicated industrial roofing services include roof coverings, gutter lining, asbestos roof repairs, roof coatings and roof treatments as well as industrial cleaning services.

Repair & respray cladding

Should you have any damaged cladding or areas of failed coating on your building, why wait for winter to do its worst? Instead, call in the professionals to treat it so that its protective qualities are preserved before a complete replacement is needed. This can be done without disruption to your everyday business operations through repairs and industrial paint spraying being done on-site outside of your business hours.

Buckingham Coatings carries out restoration and remedial work on numerous surfaces, substrates and cladding panel types including: aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised surfaces and powder coated cladding.

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