Westfield Shopping Centre, London – Recoating the Complex Architectural Roof

Buckingham Coatings was the chosen contractor to recoat the huge and complex roof of Europe’s biggest retail project, the Westfield shopping centre in White City, London. Boasting 280 stores and 47 restaurants, the elaborate roof of the iconic Westfield shopping centre is a sight to behold as it spans over 3,000 square metres.

Project Spec

Commencement Date: March 2017

Completion Date: October 2017 (7 Months)

Labour: Four operatives, four months

Scope of Works

Approximately 3,200m squared of main shopping centre roof, public room roof and east canopy roof including glazed areas.
To remove all rust from bare metal areas of the roof.
To apply primer to all exposed bare metal.
To apply a single coat (100 microns) of Hempathane as a finishing coat for the protection of the bare metal.
To apply a single topcoat to the entire structure.

Method & Special Requirements

Access equipment to roof provided NACWL including, but not limited to: scaffold gantry, alloy towers, MEWP’s, hop-ups and mobile platforms. Painting of all roof areas will only be carried out as necessary and appropriate to each area being coated by Hempathane.

This will consist of a mixture of spraying, brushing and rollering the paint coating. Site visits will be determined based on the progress of installation of the roof and completion will be upon successful installation of the roof.

We found a cost effective roof recoating solution for our client

The remit of the original job specification was to spray the steel roof. However, our roof recoating specialists found it would be more productive and cost effective for us to complete the painting by hand using brushes and rollers. This provided the additional benefit of greater client flexibility over their choice of fabrication.

A roof recoating job unlike any other Buckingham Coatings has done

We were proud to be made the sole contractor responsible for the recoating works of the entire steel structure of the Westfield Shopping Centre roof that covers the public walkways and canopies. This asymmetrical roof is an architectural masterpiece that has been specially designed to track the movement of the sun. The job therefore required meticulous planning and timing to recoat the entire roof. This was particularly because some glass had previously been installed into its frame and manoeuvring along the walkways took extra care.

A complex architectural roof has its challenges to recoat

As you can see from the photos, the glass roof covered walkways of the Westfield shopping centre are quite narrow. With much of the glass already being installed, we had to take extra care to work closely with the glass fitters so as not to damage anything.

The project was certainly not without its challenges. Not only did we have to work around much of the glass installation, but we also had to take out further training (in spite of us already holding PASMA and IPAF qualifications). This additional training allowed our operatives to safely perform their duties from spider mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) that provide access from the ground.

Our operatives were also having to work largely using mobile scaffolding towers suspended 15 metres in the air. Some areas of the roof only required a clean and top coat as the steel had been pre-painted. Whereas other areas, that had only been welded, had to be industrially cleaned, primed, and painted by our recoating team.

We pulled out all the stops to complete the project on time

In order to ensure the project was completed to the agreed timescales we had four operatives working for four months. The roof recoating team took on varied shift patterns, sometimes into the night and at weekends, to deliver an outcome that we were proud of.

This job produced a lot of happy customers for Buckingham Coatings

We were honoured to be a part of this prestigious building’s construction, which showed in our work. It really was an exceptional roof recoating project that was executed with the utmost care and professionalism. Not only are we proud to report that the main contractor was delighted with the result, but the comments from members of the public about how beautiful the roof is continue to inspire us to this day.

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