Zara, Bluewater Shopping Centre – Repair & Respray

Our client contacted us requesting multiple pipe repairs and resprays that had over time become damaged and needed some renovation.  During this project, we had to complete an colour match using the colour RAL 7035 Oyster. We repaired and then resprayed (over the repaired areas) after completing this bespoke colour match to the current coating, ensuring that there was no evidence of a repair taking place! Learn more about this project below.

Project Spec

Commencement date: July 2020

Completion date: July 2020

Labour: Two operatives for two days

Scope of Works

Pipe repair and respray.

Colour RAL 7035 Oyster – Colour match to existing pipe coating.

Works were completed adhering to COVID guidelines – strict health and safety measures in place on site. Full PPE and extraction required due to enclosed location of the works.

Colour Matching

The colour being used was bespoke RAL 7035 Oyster which we had to colour match in order to get a perfect match. Learn more about our colour-match finish services.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

All works during this project were completed adhering to COVID guidelines set out at the premises, where there were strict health and safety measures in place. Full PPE was warn, and extraction was required due to enclosed location of the works. Safety is critical; for employers, employees and your customers. We must all be doing everything we can to keep ourselves and others safe whilst on site. Read more about our COVID-19 Site Safety blog.

Pipe #1

Pipe #2

Pipe #3

Pipe #4

Pipe #5

A cost-effective alternative to replacing cladding panels

We were able to create an invisible repair on an already beautiful building, and by repairing and re-spraying the cladding panels rather than replacing them, we helped our client make a considerable cost and time saving. All parties were happy with the results and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

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